-EoA- Volume #0 Prologue: Wild hunt tethered to ruin

Prologue: A wild hunt tethered in ruins

If i continued to proceed no doubt ruin shall befall unto me.

The cold night was nearly over and yet the moon glowed more brightly than ever. I shuddered against the lingering chill within the air and picked up the pace.

As my breath grew deeper and deeper by the moment. I felt my heartbeat pumped faster. As an ominous shadow drew closer and closer to me by each passing moment, every time I lessened my pace due to fatigue and hunger. I had not eaten since afternoon and dared not to stop just to eat for I knew, I will surely end up just like the others.
I have had been running inside this mysterious dark forest for over an hour, where only the moonlight was my only solace.
If I stop had suddenly any moment for any reason my skin would crawl and my instincts trembled.



“There’s something chasing in the dark……”


“As fast possible ………………….”

And with that kind of thought process screaming within you, anyone would take it as a signal to move their lazy bums around.

As my body was drenched in cold sweat, it had began to accumulate odor. After all i had not bathe for the  passed few days.

As every  moment  I drew closer to where I must be, yet even I knew when I’ll reach it.
My objective was that I must get there before sunrise, The gate shall be closed by then.

The air was slightly near freezing cold, As each of my breathe were growing shorter and shorter. My mind was almost at the state of hysteria. I can still smell the blood that splashed all over me. It’s not mine but from one of the people I had once called company for this bizarre place. I still remember what I saw the fraction of a moment when the creature leaped and dragged the two away and only a left hand remained. The two didn’t have had the time to scream for their own life, for it was over before we knew it. It was dark and even with moonlight, I still couldn’t see the that thing clearly.

I had killed several strange creatures since we had arrived in here, but that had speed and strength that can definitely considered above the others.

My instincts screamed louder with every passing second, I must hurry to get to where i’m needed to be. I must shed my laziness from now on, because I found it too obvious on what my life shall be like from now on, as the nature of what was forced upon us can only be said as an extreme example of survival of the fittest. Filled with the strange, madness and  terrors that lurked at every corner.
I couldn’t remember where or when it began to follow, I barely noticed its presence almost too late, well if not for the fools who tried to rob me earlier. I knew that i had a limited amounts of respite to regain my any semblance of physical energy. Nearly running out of stamina, I had contemplated my physical limit and the inevitable future that my body won’t withstand the exhaustion of both physically and mentally.

If the time comes when that happens, before I finished my objectives, I dare not think any of it much further.

Hope was all I had left in here. Without it, no doubt i would instantly be plunge in a deep agonizing depression that would make my body halted to a standstill leaving me vulnerable to lethal attacks

If push comes to shove i think i will still run even if my body had become tattered or broken. All in the name of finishing what I must.

I knew that would defy common sense but my situation also merits any semblance or identity of our world’s common sense because that too had been shattered a few days ago.

Basically my ‘world’ got screwed over by what had came over unexpectedly. A big slap on the face for being selfish and ignorant on what was happening in both around us and in the shadows.

It would be painful to run on fumes and my body felt like it had started to complain due to not having enough rest. Still I tried not to settle in one place for too long, I knew for if I stopped death would follow, as the shadow drew more imminently closer to me. I would jump, tumble, limp, and even crawled if he had too in order to succeed.

I wanted to at least meet all my siblings one last time, but I knew all too well that it will be extremely difficult now and my never have the time.

Still I cling to hope.

A fool’s hope.

I am the firstborn of the great seven.

I have four handsome brothers and two insanely beautiful sisters that I’m proud to show off.

I missed my siblings.

Nothing noteworthy of my family, we are after all political refugees.

After years of studying and working away from home and my loved ones.
A chance came and I had decided to head home finally so that he could meet everyone before Christmas. A well deserved vacation before I graduate from my school, and counted myself lucky to finally be able to reunite with my family, but instead I fell into a desperate real life version of a mysterious survival horror game.

And the thought that they aren’t here gave me a massive comfort. After all it’s better me than them to suffer hardships.

A group of nine friends begun the journey along with an captain.

Halfway through the our journey, a mysterious storm suddenly hit that capsized my friend’s yacht.  If the weatherman did a proper job we wouldn’t be here in the first place. That night we knew it was only going to be a mild rain, a safe travel and nothing significant had ever happened here in this waters, but instead we got hit by a freaking unnatural hurricane.

Damn it mother nature’s a bitch if she had this kind of surprised ready only for us.  Unnatural I say? well you could describe the water hurricane that hit us like any other regular ones you see on TV or on the internet, but one significant feature it had was that whole thing freaking glowed translucent blue.
I mean really ‘BLUE’ from top to bottom. It was a moonless night so there was no mistaking it. There was no thunder and the waves were massive and merciless. At first we thought we were going mad, though I think i’m already mad because I think it was sentient for a single moment it looked unto me. How can an unnatural occurring event gaze upon you right? but i really felt that thing looked directly at me.
It made my spine crawl more than now.
If you lived at this place for just several days anyone would be driven crazy.

That night the Captain passed away, he died getting impaled unto the ship’s broken mast that fell on top of him and we lost Hannah at sea during all the chaos.

There were eight of us left when were marooned on this mysterious island.

Then one of the eight went missing went missing after six hours, we searched and discovered found only death and despair, but surprisingly we are not the only humans stranded on this god forsaken island.

Madness, this island could only be described as such.

Now only I remained running for my life so I would not disappear. I held onto my sanity with the thoughts of my waiting family and a makeshift branch I picked up along the way and fashioned it like a spear.

I had once wished upon a star on what would it be like if I only played games all day long. Never thought my wish would come true.

Geez… I learned my lesson the painful way on the matters of be careful what you wished for. You might never know if your wish would one day come crashing in front of you.

I’m straying off the path a bit so i’ll resume on the ongoing madness that had fallen before me.

My footsteps began sounding off. As each step somehow conveyed a hurried sort of nervousness, and anxiousness. Still, tonight i’m not just fighting for my life, all the while my skin kept crawling, for I’m was constantly being watched.

Always moving forward and dared not to stop, I could have fought back but time is of the essence, because for the night was about to end, there’s an ongoing hunt and I was both the hunter and definitely the prey.


Ruin Of Ken Chronicles: Essence Of Aggression

It was heavily raining that night when when an unlucky group of passengers suddenly found themselves on an unlikely scenario where they were drugged and kidnapped by an unknown and mysterious group of cultist who are going use them to ‘OPEN’ the path that lies in ‘Ruin’ to and release an imprisoned ‘god’.


A battle for survival in a nightmarish new lands as the inevitable power of death, madness, panic, anarchy, war, betrayal, desperation,conquests and above all Ruin at it’s peak.

*read at your own discretion and parental advice recommended for this novel features the best, the worst and the bad-asses of humanity from earth as they struggle to cope of there new reality, morality, and question the essence of ones aggression as they travel within the path that lies in ruin.

An epic tale that can threaten the universe itself.

Categories: Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Horror , Martial Arts , Mature , Psychological , Romance , School Life , Sci-Fi , Sports , Supernatural , Tragedy , Original , Crossover ,

—– —– —– —– —– —– —–

Author’s Note: This will story shall begin as a Dungeon crawler story and expand there afterwards.

And also A multiple narrative type of a story.

So expect change in perspective from time to time.

Stuff i wanna say.

Hello Ken Faenum!

After much deliberation and contemplation I decided to finally proceed.

New project “Ruin Of Ken Chronicles: Essence Of Aggression”
I made this for fun and sometimes i can make mistakes which you guys can pinpoint, i accept severe criticism, honest suggestions, ideas to lead me a better path.

Honestly i’m not proficient in English enough to make make this story perfect or absolute but ill try my best to give you all a worthwhile story to read.

Also this is my first story and it’s still on working progress and i don’t have a proofreader.

So volunteer proofreaders are welcome and will credited.

Lol! shameless
I’m always open for suggestions, criticism and ideas. Be it regarding story or grammar.

So please write in here after ever chapter.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual person, group, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Rolf! last part i had to put it just in case.
So i hope you’ll enjoy my fictional works.

Hi I’m Ken Faenum!

An amateur writing who like to write on his spare time.

I was inspired to after reading some Light novels, Books and a sometime a go i saw battle royal damn i got really into it.

So i decided to try writing my own fiction.

The way the story progresses you’ll definitely see what works inspired me.

Hopefully you enjoy.